Bloomsbury Festival appearance

This weekend (20th and 21st Oct) my colleagues at CASA and I will be presenting at an event in central London called the Bloomsbury Festival. There we’ll be taking some of the fancy visual and interactive research work we do with space and networks and demonstrating it to the assembled excited masses.

I’ll also be running a workshop on joining geography and the digital world from 1-1.45 on Sunday afternoon. Come and find out about how agent-based modelling works, what the point of it is, and how it could be changing our ideas of town planning, policing strategies and development aid distribution.

Martin Zalz Austwick will be there, as will Hannah Fry and Steve Gray.

We’ll be at the Building Centre on Store Street on both Saturday and Sunday from 11-5.


Author: Rob Levy

Economist at NEF. Former teaching Fellow in Economics at UCL and Bristol University. Recently submitted my PhD. We'll see what happens...

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